Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elias Turns 6!

Elias turned 6 on Nov.17th. He wanted an Avengers party and wanted it at the pool as well. So we went with that.. nothing I can't handle right? Only eleven 5 and 6 year olds at the pool.. easy peasy. It actually did turn out good, Jeremy was there to help and some of the other parents. The boys all had a blast swimming together. We then celebrated with snacks, cake and presents. Elias got some great gifts and we gave him Pirates of the Carribean Lego Ship. He loves it and had fun building it with his Dad. Anything he can build these days is the way he likes it.
 He's becoming such a good and responsible boy. He is so helpful and friendly, the best cleaner ever! And really such a sweet boy. Happy Birthday Elias we love you so much!!

Elias has also been having an awesome time playing hockey this year, he's improved so much! Jeremy couldn't be happier and more proud, its actually pretty darn cute seeing him out there.. secretly I love it and love watching him, I just hate the time commitment involved.. but at least he loves it!
Hockey pictures, so freakin cute! 

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