Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holiday Adventures

Yet again like every year Christmas seemed to fly by, this year more than ever there were so many things going on, 2 weeks before Christmas was nuts. All in all lots of family, friends, treats, parties and much holiday magic here with my little family.
letters to Santa
such a classic santa photo, Cash was NOT happy.

Over the holidays we were able to take the kids skiing a few times and that was really fun. Jeremy took Elias for his first time skiing at Castle Mountain with his brother Randal and his two kids, Emily and Carson. Elias did so well and had a blast!
Castle Mountain 
Christmas Eve: The boys singing, "I'm getting "Nuttin" for Christmas". seriously so cute.

Nixon, cousin Alivia and Cash all dressed up for the nativity-how adorable does Cash look, so funny.

 Christmas morning

We went to my parents cabin over New Years. Had our annual steak and lobster feast, played games and went to bed by 11:00, haha. We also took the boys skiing as a family at Whitefish. It was so nice! My parents watched Cash, so even I was able to go. I decided it was time to make the switch back to skiing. I was tired of being so sore every time I went snowboarding and since I only went once every 2 years I was never improving. It had been 13 years since I had been skiing and I barely kept up to Elias, haha. But really it was so relaxing and so much fun skiing as a family, I so look forward to doing this as a family every year!

 Winter wonderland at the cabin
Skiing in Whitefish

 favorite photo: Elias teasing Nixon with a big sly grin and Nixon yelling back.. love it.
 Jeremy did some snowboarding over the holidays. He went up to Wateron with some buddies, hiked up in snowshoes and snowboarded down, over and over again. He loves these kind of adventures!

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