Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas and quite the scare!

Merry Christmas from the Coopers! I wasn't sure if we would get a christmas card out this year, but we decided to bare the cold and get a quick photo and I am so glad it turned out so cute.

So this Christmas we had quite the scare with Elias on boxing day. Since the 23rd I had been very sick with H1N1 which then lead to Pneumonia, Christmas day being the worst of all.. and then by Boxing Day the kids were getting sick as well. It was mostly Cash and Nixon who were sick and then around 4:30 Elias started to feel very hot, so I gave him some tylenol but didn't check his temperature. About 20 minutes later as we were watching a family movie together I looked beside me for a split second and saw Elias doing some weird facial expressions and he was shaking, I yelled for Jeremy and he came running in saying he was having a seizure, I have never experienced seeing anyone have a seizure. It was far worse then I could have thought and especially terrifying when its your own child. I was beyond scared not knowing what to do, Jeremy was quite calm and was handling it, until about a minute into the seizure he started turning blue and wasn't breathing.. I can still see those awful images in my head of him and gives me the chills. As soon as Elias turned blue, Jeremy said to call 911. I ran to the phone terrified and crying and honestly in that moment I thought he was dying. Poor Nixon was crying and so scared as well. Once I got the the dispatcher on the phone and honestly I was a little hysterical and don't remember much of what I said to her.. Jeremy had just blow a few breaths into Elias and his color started coming back. Thanks goodness!!! He was still incoherent for the next 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived and slowly he came too. He then had to ride in the ambulance to the Taber hospital where he was almost back to normal. It is uncommon for children over 5 years to have febrial seizures that have never had them before so they wanted to do blood work just to be sure everything was ok. His blood work came back normal so they assumed it was due to a sudden high fever, the kids most likely got H1N1 too but not as severe as me. H1N1 causes very sudden high fevers so that must be the reason Elias got a high fever in such a short period since he really only had a cough. What a relief!! Honestly I can't even begin to express how scary it all was, I never again want to go through that again!

Christmas this year was kind of a bummer for us. I was so sick for almost 2 weeks, sicker than I have ever been in my life and being over 8 months pregnant doesn't help. The boys too were sick on and off as well, so Jeremy had to care for us all holidays. The last few days of holidays Jeremy was able to take the boys skiing and snowboarding but other than that we were at home chilling everyday. I hope I never have a Christmas like that again. Despite christmas holidays being uneventful, we still had lots of fun prior to Christmas coming. Our little family all picked names this year and it was fun getting gifts for each other. Jeremy had Elias and got him Skylanders video game set. Elias had Jeremy and got him Zelda the video game that they could play together. Nixon had me and got me some very cute bracelets. I had Cash and he got a hammer toy and Cash had Nixon and got him a game board.
We had fun get togethers with both the Coopers and Hansen's. And we of course had our annual christmas picture with Santa which  I absolutely love! My adorable boys!!

Yet a start to another year and I haven't written anything on here almost all year..honestly with the birth of a third child I can see how much busier I have been since this little blog doesn't get any attention, especially having a crazy busy little boy like Cash to care for its even harder. I will be playing catchup a bit and hopefully I can be better this year, but I'm not promising anything. I will do a family update next, since its been so long. Happy New Year, 2014 here we come!

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