Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh Sweet Arizona..

Well we went to Mesa, Arizona like 3 weeks ago and lets just say its was awesome! We went with our good friends, Jubbers, Jahns and Bakers. I guess it was kind of our celebration for Finally graduating from Dental school.. and yes i mean all of us.. don't get me wrong our husbands did the studying and dental work.. but we put in alot of work too. After being in school together for 7 years, (our whole marriage), it was time for some fun and fun we had. Justin's parents graciously let us stay in their amazing place.. and we enjoyed every minute.
The backyard was awesome.. wicked pool and patio, playground, trampoline and on and on. The house was amazing inside and yes i am retarted and didnt get any pictures inside.. everything was so beautiful, like the master bedroom and the hallways with rock everywhere.. amazing.
Also in between all the pool time with the kids, us ladies got to enjoy some awesome shopping, i mean i have never seen so much shopping.. it was crazy, but oh so fun. The guys also got to enjoy some much needed golf, they all said they were amazing, unlike any other courses they have ever played on.

the ladies.. 

my brave little guy.. loved this all day long.

okay how cute are they all in the tub after a long day in the sun..

On Sunday we were able to go to the newly dedicated Mesa, Arizona Temple. It was so beautiful, the grounds were awesome.. but we didnt stay too long because of the deathly hot day, i swear 5 minutes longer and we all would have had sun stroke..  

Elias and Lainey holding hands leaving the temple grounds.. so cute!
Off to the World Zoo and Aquarium.. this was alot of fun for the kids and really great for us too. So much to see, the aquarium was my favorite. I even touched a gross sting ray, Elias was loving them. Nixon was yelling as loud as could be at everything because he was so excited.. all in all great day.
all the kidlets lined up
love this, so typical of nixon yelling

log ride-Elias loved it and surprisingly it was fun
Adults only-time to Party

the guys boozing it up in the hot tub with orange creme pop

And lastly my 3 favorite photos of the kids enjoying their icecream.. SO CUTE!

Greta's face = priceless

All in all so much fun, good times, good friends and hopefully another trip down the road.


Becky Johnson said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! And all you girls have the CUTEST bathing suits!

Sharon said...

what fun! such a great idea. i wish we had done something like that. i agree... your bathing suits are adorable.

Karen said...

I LOVE these pictures! Especially the last three! I want the last one, Ben's face is soooo cute!!!! That was seriously one of my favorite vacations-except for Briggs puking the whole time!

krystyn said...

good post, makes me wanna go back this minute! LOVE the ice cream pics, so their personalities. Also, remind me not to stand between all you girls in a swimsuit ever again. you guys need to go eat a bucket of fried chicken or something:))

Angie said...

Okay the kid pics are so freaking adorable! And yes you ladies looked gorgeous in your swimming suits! looks like a sweet vacay...

Debster said...

Wow... that sounds like a sweet trip! shopping, pool etc. etc. LOVE the icecream pics. I bet Greta and ELias hook up someday.

Heather said...

good memories, it was so fun! I love the log ride pic, that was a fun day, yes and of course the ice cream pics, I'll need to get some of those ones. we'll have to go down again sometime!