Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awesome Father's Day gift Ideas, homemade and more

So Father's Day is just around the corner, Sunday to be exact and i have been searching for a fun idea to make for Jer for father's day, something Elias could help out with too. 
Thought i would share some of my finds, they all look super cute. Enjoy!

Here at simplekids they have some fun ideas.. i Love the D is for Dad card and making a whole fun day for father's day. I also love the photo shoot idea, dressing up like dad, so cute!
I also like the photo booth idea of going to the mall and getting some fun candids with the kids or having a family campout in the backyard.
Look-a-like photos of Dad, how cute would it be to dress up the kids someday like little dentists..haha
Here is a link to buy this card, but i thought how easy and cute it would be to just make it, check it out here

Here are some adorable ideas from living locurto, i love the "hero" package for dad of some of his fave treats. I also love the super cute "World's greatest Dad"labels from martha stewart, check out much much more ideas and all free printables here.  
I want to do this "Super Dad, Hero" Package.

cute cupcake topppers
And for those that may just want to buy something for your husband or dad, here our some cool gift ideas from there 2010 Father's Day Gift Guide, lots of ideas from coolmompicks.

And these adorable frames for dad from homeworks.

Oh and lastly i bought this keychain for Jeremy from the boys, there $$ for a keychain, but something different. It's from the vintage pearl and has the boys names going around the sides and "i love you" printed in the between their names, 
shhh don't tell him(hopefully he won't look on here before the big day)I think its super cute, hope he likes it. I know its too late to order this for Father's Day coming up, but i thought i would share anyways or future father's day ideas.

So go on ladies be creative and make something awesome for your husbands or dad, or get buying something fabulous. Either way they will think you rock even more when they see what you've done for them. Hope these ideas help!

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Jenna said...

Thanks Rachelle! Good ideas! I have been thinking hard of what I can do and this has sure helped!