Monday, July 5, 2010


Better late than never is my blogging philosophy these days.
i love that Elias got to pop in with Jer for one..great picture for Elias to have.
And so here is Jeremy's graduation. A much needed post to blog about, since in fact this was a BIG day we have been waiting for 7 years to have.
Just before he recieved his certificate he spotted me far in the back and gave me one of his big grins, and honestly i have never been so PROUD and so HAPPY for HIM.  It was a long day, but an eventful one.
It was fun to get all dressed up and go to the banquet to celebrate.. Jeremy was in charge of the slideshow of all the graduates.. and well he did an awesome job, what else could i expect. It was a fun night and a nice weekend..
classic grad pic on the park bench
Now that Jeremy has been working for 2 weeks and loving it, seriously he comes home everyday and says "man i love my job". I am sure it will become a "job" like anyother after awhile but for now it's fun to see him so happy and excited about working, and I can't wait for that first paycheck..haha


Debster said...

Congrats! I'm sooo looking forward to that day! You all look stunning in your formal wear.

krystyn said...

good post, i need to catch up and post one too! love the ones with their mommies! too cute!

Karen said...

i LOVE that Elias got a picture with Jeremy! That is priceless! Good photos! you need to email them to me, or just put all mine on a disk :). Grad was so fun!

missLaura said...

I've been waiting for these pictures! You llok amazing, all of you ladies do- so glam!

Heather said...

oh man, these are great, I still can't believe that phase of life is over. I love that you got Jer looking right at the camera when he was on stage. And seriously I am so proud of you and Karen on your run!! I need to get my action together but I'll start with the 5km! ha. good work rachelle!