Thursday, July 8, 2010

Canada Day and my 1st Road Race!

So last week of course we headed to Raymond for Canada Day and took in all the festivities. This was the 1st year we actually went to the Rodeo and it was really good, Elias loved it. We also had so much fun at the awesome parade, the boys were loving every minute. It was so fun to get together with everyone and have a big BBQ and let the kids play with all their cousins.
this has got to be my favorite photo of the boys together.. so CUTE! and looks how much they've grown since last year, aww, Nixon's so tiny.
I also did my 1st Race ever! I did the 10km road race with Karen and after 5 weeks of running I felt quite prepared.. it was my 1st one so i wasnt expecting to win by any means, i just didnt want to get last.. when the gun went off and everyone started sprinting away, me and Karen looked at each other and thought maybe we should have done the 5km instead..haha.
It was all good, i just didnt think everyone would be so hard core.. more training i guess. It turned out to be a nice day, despite the lovely, argg wind.. In the end, i was pretty tired, that last km was tough.. but i didn't get last and finished in 1:07:28. Not bad i guess for my 1st race.. overall it felt so awesome to have done it for someone that has never run.. i admire soooo much all those determined, ambitious runners out there (cough, laura). I really want to keep this up, i plan on doing the Taber race in August, but my plan all along was to just get my butt out of the door and get healthier and knowing that i have a race to run gets me going.
Overall great weekend, and now we are off to my parents cabin for 2 weeks.. yayaya!! Jer will just be coming on the weekends, but it should be awesome to see all my family together again -later :)


Sharon said...

congrats!!! are you hooked on running now? you and keran look great!
congrats on being done with dental school. now the real fun begins. :)

missLaura said...

Rachelle, you look so great! I love that you did a race, it is such an exciting atmosphere and it is true, gets your butt in gear!
We went to Kinsmen pool today and I was totally looking for you. Miss you!!

Karen said...

nice pics! I need these ones too! I am so glad that we ran that race together!! I love the Canada day one of the boys!

krystyn said...

good pics, you guys look like pros! i'm still depressed about being sick. love elias and nixon, its crazy how much they've changed in a year!

ec said...

rachelle ... i totally see the difference, but i have no idea why they would do that. if i think of something, i'll let you know.

also, we miss you guys! it feels like it's been forever ...