Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elias Turns 4!

Elias' 4thbday pic8_11-18-10
Elias turned 4 a few weeks ago and since he is really into dragons and loves the movie "How to Train your Dragon" I did a party for him with a dragon theme. It seems like this party was bound to never happen, due to weather and other annoyances.. but it did finally happen and it was alot of fun for him and all his little friends. We played lots of games, Pin the Tail on the dragon, dragon egg races, and the parachute was a HUGE hit!! I had the cutest little viking party hats and a cupcake dragon cake to top it off.. overall lots of fun and yes lots of work. Elias got a ton of fun presents and has been playing with for the past couple weeks.. we also got him 1 gift a Playmobile Dragon Castle.. its seriously the sweetest thing ever.. so much detail and such cool stuff.. i actually enjoy playing with him. I remember playing with Playmobile sets as a kid and loved them, so it was fun to get him his own. $$ for sure, but so well made and lots of fun for years to come.
Elias 4th bday_11-17-10
do you think he was excited?
Elias' 4th bdaypic1_11-18-10
Elias' 4th bdaypic2_11-18-10
all his little buddies
Elias' 4thbdaypic3_11-18-10
Elias' 4thbdaypic5_11-19-10
Elias' 4thbdaypic6_11-18-10
His cousin Joel helping him out
Elias' 4thbdaypic7_11-18-10
Nixon pounding a cupcake
Elias' 4thbdaypic8_11-18-10
all the loot, someone's spoiled!
Elias at 4 yrs old is in prechool and swimming lessons this year. He loves both and is really into being creative and playing by himself now.. thankyou! he loves dragons (of course), superheros, army guys and tanks, anything he can build and Loves any kind of board game, we play a lot these days. He is really so sweet, always giving me compliments, whether its thanking me for being a "good cooker'(his words) haha or telling me how cute the house looks or how beautiful i look.. its all the time, its so cute. And Elias and Nixon are getting better at playing together and its fun to watch him help his brother or teach him a cool new trick. Nixon adores Elias and well we couldn't agree more.
Elias' 4thbdaybwpic9_10-18-10

 I love you sweet boy, Happy 4th birthday!


missLaura said...

Happy birthday Elias! We are so sad we missed the party. You always throw the best parties rachelle.

Life Is Golden said...

Cutest Boys! Can you believe we have 4 years olds?
Thanks so much for the chat last week!

Sharon said...

LOVE the viking hats. happy birthday, Elias!

Chantelle said...

Happy 4th birthday! i don't know how often you hear this but i see so much of you in elias... especially the older he gets.

your boys are so so cute.