Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Days and a curious little boy

Ever since all the snow in the last 2 weeks we have been playing inside a lot, but despite the cold weather Elias has been able to enjoy the abundance of snow we have. He loves shoveling the snow with Jeremy, (his shovel one of the best purchases ever) every night when he gets home from work and loves jumping in the huge piles we have in our front yard.  Despite the cold weather, hey at least i'm not in saskatoon winters anymore..haha sorry guys. and with all this white its sure feeling like Christmas around here. Which i love.
E&D shoveling1_11-16-10
E&D shoveling2_11-16-10
Elias snowdays4_11-18-10
i love his froggy touque, he insisted on having the googly eyes.Elias snowdays3_11-18-10
Elias snowdays1_11-16-10
what's playing in the snow without a warm cup of cocoa??
elias snowdays2 _11-16-10
nixon naked asleep_11-15-10
This was Nixon the other night, (and the next night and the next)when i checked on him before bed, notice his diaper up by his head.. of course it was so funny, him being in the nude, but not so funny waking him up to wash him down, changing his peed sheets and clothes.
For the last week Nixon has been driving us crazy with taking his pj's off at night and inevitably his diaper. For the last week at bedtime and even naps we have gone in to find him with his clothes and diaper off and yes pee and even poo in his crib.. and him sound alseep ..ARGGG, after about 4 days of never ending washing his sheets and clothes, I  remembered my friend having the same problem with her little girl.. and how they had to put her pajamas on backwards. well we tried it and problem solved, no more waking up to soiled sheets and clothes thank goodness. What a little stinker eh? 
nixon pjs1_11-24-10Nixon pjs2_9143 copy

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missLaura said...

We totally had to reverse Jost's sleepers. Nixon, what a lil stinker!