Monday, November 8, 2010

we love Halloween.

Halloween 2010_8715 copy
my fave pic, too cute.
i thought it was about time to do an update.. and what better than to post about Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.. not only for my kids, but for me and Jer too. We love halloween at our house and this year was our best yet! It was the first time we have ever had a house since we've been married, always lived in a condo. So we've never been able to have trick or treaters or decorate a yard and have a real party since we never had the space.. so it was a fun time this year. The boys all craved pumpkins and again this was a first for our family.. and the boys loved it.. especially Jer, he was VERY picky about getting his pumpkin just right, and it seemed to take forever, but did look pretty sweet in the end.
Halloween 2010_8656 copy

halloween 2010_8659 copy

Hallween 2010_8742 copy
Jer's finished product.. it looked pretty cool at night
We also had an adult halloween party.. it was alot of work, but soo fun. I loved getting the house all decorated and it was so fun to dress up. Me and Jer were both Vampires and Jer even bought me red contact lenses and made me REAL fangs at his office.. he had alot of fun with that and it really added to the costume. We then had to go into his office at 1:00am that night to drill them off.. oh well it was worth it for Jer anyways. Everyone else's costume were pretty sweet too, i was laughing all night at Karen and her awesome hair piece.. and we played some intense games of Werewolf too.. overall such fun, a must repeat.
Halloween 2010_8665 copy

Halloween 2010_8676 copy
you can't even really tell i had in red contacts.. they looked rad up close
Halloween 2010_8703 copy
Here are my fangs, that pic doesnt do it justice, you can barely tell, but they were awesome!
halloween 2010_8697 copy
The crew.. sorry i missed out on Jeff and Raegan and Candice and Brandon, they left earlier.
and could i be laughing any harder??
Halloween 2010_8700 copy
Elias and Nixon had a lot of fun trick or treating.. this was Nixon's first time and he was the cutest little monkey EVER! I just loved watching him waddle down the street in his monkey costume carrying his little pumpkin bag like such a big boy.. we only made it to about 7 houses before he was done.. all he wanted to do was open the candy he got from each house so it was taking forever with the 2 boys and me.
Halloween 2010_8752 copy

Halloween 2010_8712 copy

Halloween 2010_8729 copy

Elias was a Ninja this year.. he kept on changing his mind but finally we agreed on this costume once he knew he could carry knifes and a sword.. he loved it and was pretty good at keeping his mask on too.
Once we dropped Nixon off with Jer, just the two of us went out on the town.. it was the Perfect night for trick or treating and the perfect halloween.. until next year.
halloween 2010_8745 copy

halloween 2010_8770 copy


CGibb said...

Jeremy's pumpkin does look awesome. You kids look so cute in their costumes... I wish you could see Elias's smile under his mask, I'm sure it was huge.
The party was fun... we'll be looking forward to a repeat next year!

krystyn said...

ok, i already wrote on FB but i love all these pics, and that you guys went all out for halloween this year. sorry about the teeth at 1am, that sucks. i cant wait for next year!

stone's eye view said...

your kids look so cute!

Karen said...

your party was wicked awesome! and I love these pictures, nixon looks so adorable i want to squeeze him. i'm glad that someone loves halloween as much as i!

Heather said...

your kids are adorable, that Nixon is getting so big and is such a cutie! Great party, you looked fab and I didn't know your dress had a hood!! ha that's great!! lookin forward to a tradition!?