Monday, November 15, 2010

Superheroes and Nixon's Favorite

if anyone knows my boys well, they know that they are very active and love to run and jump constantly.. therefore in our house running and jumping around in their capes and masks is the ultimate. Elias and Nixon are starting to play a lot better with each other.. and superheroes is one of their faves.. it's my go to game for them when i am making supper.. because they try to out jump and out run each other and i can cheer them on while keeping busy.
superheroes_8366 copy
superheroes_8587 copy
This one makes me laugh so hard.. nixon's face is too funny.
superheroes_8650 copy
I would never think 2 little steps would be so entertaining for my boys, but every since we moved here they are constantly using these steps to jump over, roll down and play with cars and trains on; despite the nasty pink shag.. we love them.

and also if you know my Nixon, you know how very loud he can be.. he loves to yell.. whether its just for fun, or to drive mom crazy in the car or especially when he wants something he will let you know!! We call him our little drama queen.. good thing he is so cute because sometimes i swear..

Nixon Yelling, his Favorite thing to do. from Rachelle Cooper on Vimeo.

i LOVE this video of him it so depicts what i hear from him on a daily basis.. and i love that he is just in  shirt and socks.. too cute.

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krystyn said...

those are great pics. and doth i see abs on elias? too funny, when they start losing their ponch. nixon knows that hes cute when he screams and that you'll love him anyways, lil' stinker.