Wednesday, February 2, 2011

not to be forgotten

I know Christmas is so far gone, but i had to post this gem home video that I forgot about.

Jingle Bells from Rachelle Cooper on Vimeo.

Just watch how hard it is for Nixon NOT to pick up those bells, it took some practise and Nixon trying to sing is so priceless! haha

*oh and for some reason it was freezing on me, if so just start it over again and it will work the whole way through.


ec said...

rachelle! that was the cutest thing ever!

CGibb said...

That was ridiculously cute! I think I might come kidnap Nixon and bring him home to my house. Looks like you had a great Christmas.

missLaura said...

your boys are adorable! Nixon is getting so old! That was priceless and I loved it.

Karen said...

this is so cute!!! i love how nixon can't wait for the bells, i can't believe he held out for that long !

krystyn said...

can't even handle this video. seriously. nixons face was so proud of those bells!