Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're EXPECTING!! and lately..

Rachelle prego baby #3_01-01-2011
So thats right! We are expecting September 1st and are both happy and eager. We both can't wait to see the sex of the baby and this is a 1st for me, but i am so wanting to know and at almost 3.5mths i still have a ways to go. We tried all the tricks we knew to get a girl, so i am REALLY hoping, but will be oh so fine with a healthy baby boy. It really doesn't seem like i am pregnant sometimes, except for the chub i already have, whats up with that so early?? kinda depressing.. it came so early this time, maybe its the 3rd kid that does it.
I'm not going to lie, I'm a little scared. #1 to be pregnant and huge at the End of August and dying of the heat, even without being prego i die of the heat, so watch out. And #2, 3 kids now.. will i go anywhere?
Do anything? will I have enough patience?, doubt it. Its a little scary, but too late now, right? haha. No i am excited and could't be more blessed than to have awesome pregnancy's, feeling great.. getting out of Zombie land, those first 2 months were horrible.. hoping to get back on the treadmill, maybe and have a little more energy.
Also I had to write this down, a few weeks ago after coming home from skating lessons.. Elias said this.
too funny.

Elias- "mom i have to go pee"

Me- "can you hold it?"

Elias- "no my hands are full"

Me - "what?" (confused)

Elias- " I have an Iron man in this hand and a Car in my other hand!!"

Me- " Oh, hahahaha!!

Me and Jeremy were laughing sooo hard.. it seriously was the funnest thing.. too cute!

Here are also some random pictures over the last month of the kids playing in the snow and the boys being buddies together. They really are starting to play good together and its a lot of fun.
Nixon snow_01-03-2011 BWNixon snow #2_01-03-2011
SnowDay _01-03-2011
The boys playing in the snow and building a snow fort with Daddy.
DressUp E&N 01-24-2010
Nixon and Elias playing dress-up
E&N reading_12-31-2010
I was calling after them and found them reading books together snuggled in Elias' room during the day.


Francis Family said...

Congrats!!! That's exciting! 3 kids isn't as bad as you think, you'll do just fine :)
I agree on the chub with the 3rd pregnancy. I swear the day I found out I gained like 10lbs.
I'll cross my fingers for a little girl for ya!

Debbie said...

Congrats! I hope you get a girl. And just so you know... you will NEVER go anywhere with 3. At least I don't. I showed really soon with #3 too... I had to tell at like 8 weeks because it was so obvious. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

Ronna said...

Congratulations! So exciting. And I love the pics of your boys...sooo cute!
p.s. We tried that chicken tikka masala recipe tonight and it was as delicious as you said. Thanks for sharing!

ec said...

cute pictures!

i'm so excited for you guys! 3 kids is totally fun;)

and can you imagine how freakin' adorable a girl of yours would be? too cute!

krystyn said...

love that pic of nixon outside in B and W he is such a heart breaker! and i'm glad someones kids are playing nice together these days, cause mine sure are not! can't wait for your new little babe, and if you have chub already, my name is harriet.

missLaura said...

congrats Rachelle! I did get your message the other day and I will call you back! I really hope you have a girl!!!

Sharon said...

yay! you make such adorable kids it's only right that you should be having another one. glad that worst is over.

The Lowry's said...

Congrats! so, it really must be the 3rd pregnancy thing. I am 12 weeks and I am already as big as i was at 16 weeks with my last one. Crazy. Made me think i had twins at first or something. (well still might I guess we don't know for sure) Love the snow pics and the boys playing together. Sorry i hope you don't think I'm weird because I barely even know you, (I know Jeremy because we were neighbors growing up and I was friends with laura...) but also don't want to feel like I am creeping your blog so I wanted to comment. Also, good to know that someone else is feeling crazy tired too.

Life Is Golden said...

3 kiddos! So exciting... congratulations.

Jenna said...

That is sure exciting! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well! Your boys are sure handsome little guys!