Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March, an eventful month

Nixon 2bday_03-03-2011
I seriously love this picture, LOVE!!
Well March has come and gone and typical me I am a whole month behind, but what else is knew. I have been procratinating, more and more lately. Its becoming such a chore to write, but I knew I wanted to write about my sweet Nixon turning 2 on March 4. I had a little firefighter party for him, since he loves firetrucks these days. I made a firetruck cake, well tried anyways, I am no baker here.. but I wanted something a little more special then my usual cupcakes. I had a few of his cousins and special friends over and it was a fun day for him.
The cake, dont look too close though, but Nixon loved it!
mesmerized by the candle, he wouldn't blow it out. 
What can I say about my Nixon at 2 years? Well he continues to turn heads with his cuteness, everywhere I go it constant compliments about him and those eyes. He is a boy to the core, constant jumping, running and yelling. He is a BIG snuggler and sure loves his momma a lot. Most of the time he is constantly where ever I am, my little shadow. Nixon defiently likes want he likes, and wants what he wants, a little diva in the making. His favorites right now are: rubber boots and PJ's, oatmeal, yogurt, ranch dip and chicken nuggets, "Go Diego Go", balls, firetrucks, and books to name a few. We sure love him to the core and everyday i am so grateful for my sweet boy, the terrible two's and all!
It was also my 29th birthday on the 17th, crazy how old i am getting. I can't believe I will be 30 next year. I still feel like I am 23. It was also our 8th Anniversary on the 28th. Went out for Indian Food at "Baadshah Royal East Indian", which was divine. So glad we went and will have to go back for sure. Jer got me this awesome bracelet for my birthday and anniversary from Stella & Dot. I seriously love it! One of the girls at his work has it and I love wearing it, it's so timeless and beautiful on.

Screen shot 2011-04-06 at 1.30.09 PM
Jer got a new road bike, he has been wanting one for along time, ever since we lived in Saskatoon and he rode a old getto one to school. He plans to ride to Taber in the morning to the pool, and then go to work and ride home after. It takes him almost a 1/2hr to ride.
I am so proud of Jeremy, he has been working so so hard, eating Really healthy and doing weights, swimming, running, basketball, you name it to lose weight. So far he is down 25lbs and looks awesome. He is gone a lot at night doing something, or gone early in the morning to swim. He is training to do the Magrath Triathalon in July and has been working hard to get in shape for it. He is so eager to get riding his road bike, if the weather ever permits. His goal was 35-40lbs so more then half way there, its funny now, he's losing weight and I am gaining..haha. 

What else is knew, well not much. The weather has been anything but pleasant and we have been staying home a lot these days, we even went out for a walk yesterday because I could not stand it any longer and we almost got blown off the road, Elias had to turn around and push his bike back so he could walk with us instead.. oh well, a quick walk to get the mail and back for 10 minutes out of the house was still worth the cold and wind.
On another note, I am feeling the baby kick now, very softly, but i love when the baby finally does. Until this last month I haven't felt pregnant really, so its nice when you really know there is a little person in there. The boys are really excited already, Elias especially. I have my Ultrasound next week, I am hoping I can find out the sex of the baby. Really, I want a girl bad, but I will still be really happy if its a boy, I just want to know at this point. And knowing my luck, the one and only time I will ever find out the sex of the baby, they will tell me "sorry we cant tell what it is". I am sooo dreading that, so hopefully i will know either way soon!!!
And soon to be in 3 weeks, we will be here, in Mexico!!! Yes! I can't even tell you how excited I am!! Its seems like its been forever since we booked our flights in November.. and now its almost here. We are going with my whole family, well my brother Chad and Ashley arent going to make it, but everyone else will be there and lots of my cousins, so it should be a blast! My parents have a timeshare in Puerto Varrata and we get to stay there for free, plus we used our aeroplan points to fly for free too (I guess there's one good thing about paying so much freakin $$ for dental school). So it should be a pretty cheap and sweet vacation! And yes the kids are staying home, well with Jeremy's mom for the week.. have fun Shirley, haha. No really I am so grateful for her, there is nothing like have someone you trust to take care of your kids for you, so hopefully I wont be worried too much about putting her out.
And thats that, the longest post ever! guess I need to get on the ball and be better about writing.. later!


krystyn said...

love that bracelet! good choice jer. and nixon looks so cute sitting beside his presents all grown up. your kids can wear sports jackets like no one else:) i'm jealous of mexico, that would be a fabulous trip at this point in the worst southern alberta spring EVER!!!

CGibb said...

My sister and I are doing the Turney Valley Triathlon on July 1st. It's my first, so I'm really nervous. Jeremy is doing a lot more training than I am though. I'm still waiting for the weather to warm up. He'll do great!

Jackie S. said...

LOVE the cake, super cute!!! I am soooo jealous of your trip, what a fun time you'll have with all your family.

stone's eye view said...

What a month! Have a great time in Mexico. Spring should be here for good by the time you are back. (hopefully).