Thursday, April 21, 2011

So I'm having a..

yup Another BOY!! could have fooled me, i was seriously hopeful it was a girl this time. But nope, even all the chinese tests, needle test, you name it, didnt work for me! I guess the boy swimmers are just too darn fast, we might have to change it up in the bedroom next time, haha or do something drastic next time around. I am not going to lie i was very disapointed when I found out it was a boy, but I know now that how can I be? I mean seriously I am so blessed to be able to even have kids, especially with so many people I know that are struggling with having children. I know this is only my 3rd and I could try for a few more, so we will see. KNOW that I am very excited about having another sweet little boy. Its funny how many comments I have had about raising little missionaries and about how the world needs them, more and more everyday. Maybe that is my calling, to teach and raise strong boys. If so I hope I can teach them right but I also hope the Lord knows I need a little girl too down the road.
So here's to having 3 boys and being slightly more crazy then I already am. Please help me out in the boy name department, we are running out of names we like. We have a few right now, but nothing we love. So if you dont mind sharing fill me in!!
And only a week left until we head out to Mexico, oh man sunshine here we come!!


missLaura said...

People always comment how I'm raising some sort of team (basketball or hockey). Maybe we'll have a game when they're all grown up, Neilsons vs. Coopers.

ec said...


and i'll supply the cheerleaders for that neilson vs cooper game. ha!

Karen said...

I'm super pumped for another Cooper boy. More friends for my boys! I too am fresh out of boys names. I know what you mean...dreaming about a little girl. Maybe someday we both will have one! But like you said the Lord needs missionaries.

Life Is Golden said...

When you make them that cute... you might as well keep making them.

Jen - the mom said...

i love this post! it brings back memories of when i was pregnant with evan, our third boy! and i did get my beautiful baby girl - i think that was my reward for being brave enough to have 4 kids:) so maybe you will too!!