Friday, June 3, 2011

Mexico Baby!!

Mexico pic11_05-01-2011
Well I can't believe its been a month since our trip to Puerto Varrata, Mexico. We went for 1 week with all my family, except for Chad and Ashley. It was defiently so much fun! ...

But getting there, well that was a whole other story. We almost didn't make it. While we were waiting at the Toronto Airport, we got called to the front desk and they informed us that the flight we thought we were taking home from Mexico had been cancelled, but yet no one had informed us, by phone or email. How does that happen right??
At first it seemed that we might not be going to Mexico since they didn't have any available flights going back home on that day, its a good thing we had a 3 hour wait until boarding to Mexico since we spent 2.5hr talking to all kinds of people, no lie I swear we walked a 10km in that airport, back and forth talking to different people. Finally after forever, it seemed we had a flight back, I was overjoyed! Being 6 months pregnant, flying the red eye the night before with literally 1/2hr of sleep and some tears added to the frustration and exhaustion. So they told us when we landed in Mexico to make sure that our tickets were there and everything was good to go.. well you can imagine how Upset we were when we found out that yes, Jeremy had a ticket but I didn't.. seriously?? They told us maybe it hadn't gone through the computer system yet and to check back in a few days.. REALLY so I again spent hours on the phone over the next few days talking to yes, different people every time I called and no one ever knowing what the heck was going on.. but finally 3 days before departure I had my ticket. Yea!!

So after all that, we settled into enjoying our vacation. I really missed the boys the first 3 days and worried if they were behaving, but after talking to Shirley and the boys and finding out they were being very good, I decided I better soak it all in and stop worrying because I wasn't going to be going anywhere without kids again for a long time, especially with the baby arriving in August.
So picture this, lounging by the cool blue water in the fabulous sunshine enjoying a pina colada or ice cold lemonade while reading a good book without interruption from children and hearing the waves roll in off the ocean.. nice, right? no AWESOME!! yup it sure was everyday. Besides lounging around, there was activities going on at the resort, water and beach volleyball were a lot of fun, everyone loved the boogie boarding and Jeremy enjoyed some beach soccer too. It was fun having some of my Aunts and Uncles and cousins there, (they have a timeshare with my parents as well) we just happened to all plan our vacations around the same time and so there was never ending entertainment.
Mexico pic1_05-01-2011
Mexico pic2_05-01-2011
Mexico pic25_05-01-2011
Mexico pic13_05-01-2011
The guys were doing synchronized swimming, it was hilarious!
Mexico pic14_05-01-2011
We went out for dinner to some fun places, with amazing food. We rode the bus quite a bit, and a few times I thought I might go into preterm labor.. the drivers are a little crazy going so fast and the roads, well they aren't like here, and the shocks on the bus not like here either.. yikes. But it was an adventure to say the least. The markets were fun too, even in the blazing hot sun, got some fun stuff for the boys, jewellery, sunglasses and a really cute bag for so cheap. We couldn't ask for a better place to stay too.. it was beautiful and our rooms were right off the beach, with a little pool overlooking it. It was heaven.
Mexico pic5_05-01-2011
Mexico pic4_05-01-2011
We ate at this amazing restaurant, seriously the best food and service ever. It was so nice inside too. It was my mom's birthday that day and can you tell how surprised she was to get an Ipad2 from my dad. She has been wanting one for a long time.
Mexico pic7_05-01-2011
Mexico pic6_05-01-2011
Aren't they so cute!
Mexico pic21_05-01-2011
Mexico pic15_05-01-2011
oh those "not so sweet" bus rides
Mexico pic16_05-01-2011
Mexico pic22_05-01-2011
enjoying the last of the sun, we did this every night, relaxing, talking and playing games.
Mexico pic18_05-01-2011
Mexico pic24_05-01-2011
my sis, Renae loving the boogie boarding
Mexico pic20_05-01-2011
Mexico pic12_05-01-2011
Me at 6 months prego
Mexico pic3_05-01-2011
Mexico pic28_05-01-2011
Rowan and Saige
Mexico pic23_05-01-2011
We also went on a day trip to do some snorkeling and scuba diving. Jeremy went scuba diving with my two brothers, sister and dad. And me, Ryan and Amanda went snorkeling. It wasn't the best visibility, not like Hawaii for sure, but the boat ride there and the island was really nice. Jeremy had a blast, being his first time and now he is hooked. Jeremy also went on a day trip up repelling with some of my family. I sooo wanted to go, but of course being pregnant it wasn't happening, so instead me and Shawna, my sister in law went to the spa at the resort. It was awesome, only $70.00 for a facial and a 1 hour full body massage, so cheap and so great!
Mexico pic10_05-01-2011
Mexico pic19_05-01-2011
Off Repeling
Mexico pic9_05-01-2011
Enjoying some "real" mexican flavour!
Mexico pic17_05-01-2011
Mexico pic27_05-01-2011
Mexico pic26_05-01-2011
My nephew, Ryan and the fiesta lady
Mexico pic8_05-01-2011
All in all it was so nice to get away, couldn't have asked for a better vacation, well maybe except for getting there. haha. It's crazy how fast you get back to real life and than it feels like you need another vacation already.


Karen said...

sweet pictures. you look about 1 month pregnant :). the boys had lots of fun at our house! i think i need a vacation by the beach!

missLaura said...

Oh Rachelle, that looks amazing! There is no way you are 6 months pregnant, you are teeny-tiny!
The picture of your sister in the waves looks exactly like you, I love it!

krystyn said...

this trip looks SO fun! such nice accommodations, and so fun to go with all your fam! i could use some beach time myself, but i guess i'll have to settle for park lake this year. ha. love the last one of you and jer, cute and authentic looking!

stone's eye view said...

I thought that was you on the boogie board instead of your sister and was shocked! Course, you look tiny enough to be able to lie on your belly. You really look fantastic!!

Sharon said...

what a great adventure! so jealous and happy for you. yes, you do look amazing as always.