Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Update part 1

As usual soooo behind, but I am determined to keep this blog going for my family's sake. So a big update for summer. Here I am ready to pop this kid out, if you look to the side you can see only 1 day left!! yikes any moment now and I am trying to get this blog updated before it then turns into another 2 months. So here is part 1 of summer updates, mostly June and some of July.
Elias learned to ride his 2 wheeler in June and really it took only about 5 minutes before he was off cruising. I really think the strider bike helped him a lot for balance and control. He didn't fall at all and was soon flying in the crescent and wanting to go on a big bike ride 15 minutes later. Good Job Buddy!
Elias also played soccer this spring and near the start of June finished soccer.. it rained so much he barely had half of the games he was supposed to. He was determined to score a goal and after every game when I would say, "good job"he would say, "but mom I didn't score a goal again."
Well it wasn't until the final game in the last 5 min that he got a break away and scored a goal! I was so proud of him and he couldn't stop smiling. It seriously was the cutest thing ever and he got his first medal too.
E-Soccer pic4_06-14-2011
Elias and Jeremy, Jeremy helped out being the Assistant coach.
                   E-Soccer pic3_06-14-2011
E-Soccer pic2_06-14-2011
E-Soccer pic1_ 06-14-2011
Then close to the end of June Jeremy signed up for a 100 mile bike ride. He had just bought a road bike this year and was really loving it. He would ride to and from work quite a bit, which was good exercise and usually took him a good 25 min. The day of the 100 mile ride we met him at the finish line, it turned out to be a great day and the boys were patiently waiting to see their dad come in. He finished in 5 hrs 26mins.. Good job! I can't even imagine riding a bike for that long, seriously I would die and so would my butt. He said it was a challenge but really enjoyed it and will ride again next year.
Jer-100mileride_pic2 06-18-2011
the boys waiting patiently for dad.
Jer-100mileride pic3 _06-18-2011
coming into the finish line!
Jer-100mileride pic4_06-18-2011
my boys, love this pic!

We also took some time and headed down to my parents cabin the first part of July. Kwynne and Molly joined us for a few days and it was fun to hang out like old times. Troy and Shawna and the kids came out from Colorado too and the boys all had a blast playing together.
Hansencabin pic1_07-01-2011
me at 7.5mths prego
Hansencabin pic2_07-01-2011
Hansencabin pic3_07-01-2011
Hansencabin pic6_07-01-2011
Hansencabin pic4_07-01-2011
Jer and my dad spent some time building and putting the teepee together and the boys helped by finding rocks for the fire pit. Then they spent two nights sleeping in the teepee, Elias thought it was the coolest thing ever. It will be great memories for all the little boy grandkids to spend countless nights in their especially when there all a little older, there is 8 of them under the age of 7 so it will be fun.
Hansencabin pic8_07-01-2011
Hansencabin pic5_07-01-2011
The teepee seriously looked so sweet all done.
Hansencabin pic7_07-01-2011
Hansencabin pic9_07-01-2011
off gathering rocks together...
Oh and just one more of Nixon. Here he is later that night after burning his foot on the exhaust pipe of Jeremy's motorbike. We felt so bad and it was kind of my fault because Jeremy had just taken Elias for a ride and so the bike was hot. He came back to take Nixon and Jeremy told Nixon to go inside and get his shoes, when he came in the house I told him to go get on the bike with Daddy and I would find his shoes. Jer turned the bike off and went in the garage to find Nixon's helmet and Nixon tried to climb on the bike with no shoes on and Yes burned his foot, bad! It was so so sad, he was in a lot of pain, but once we got it all bandaged up and some aloe vera on it he felt a lot better, poor little dude.
Nixon burns foot_07-04-2011

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