Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Update 2

Well onto more of our summer, middle of July Jeremy did the Magrath Triathalon with his friend Brad. I missed the swimming part in the freezing St. Mary river dam, but got pics of the rest. Jeremy said it was a lot of fun, was very tired but overall both him and Brad did really great and now he wants to make it an annual event.
Jer's Triathalon 07-16-2011
Jer's Triathalon pic2 07-16-2011
Jer's Triathalon pic5 07-16-2011
the boys waiting for their dads
Jer's Triathalon pic3 07-16-2011
Jer's Triathalon pic4 07-16-2011
Good Job guys!
Then on July 24th we had Barnwell Days. It was super fun, my family along with aunts & uncles and cousins put together a softball team for the softball tourney. I wasn't able to play this year being 8 months prego, but Jeremy did and it was a great time, in the end our team WON!! They also had a 5km and 2km fun run, I was in charge of helping for this event. Elias was super excited to run and so Jeremy did the 2km with him. My mom also did the 2km and my Dad did the 5km. Elias got 2nd place for the youngest participate and my dad got 3rd for the 5km male category. Elias did so well and keeps asking when the next race is going to be. 
Barnwelldays pic2_07-23-2011
Barnwelldays pic4_07-23-2011
Barnwelldays pic5_07-23-2011
There was also the annual parade.. and let me tell you my kids got more candy then they did on halloween. It was a really good turn out and of course my dad had to put in his "Bob the Builder" float and Elias and his cousin Joel threw out candy in the back. My mom was also honored by being the "Citizen of the Year" for all her work with helping beautify the village, good work mom!
Barnwelldays pic3_07-23-2011

Again in July, Nixon learned how to ride his 2 wheeler strider bike.. he was pretty timid at first.. but after lots of encouragement he finally started getting the hang of it and now is He especially loves it when he can find any kind of hill to go down so he can lift his feet up and coast and he loves going on family bike rides and keeps up to us really good. Seriously this little bike has been money well spent.
Nixon strider bike_07-21-2011
Nixon strider bike_07-27-2011
He would ride down this hill at my parents cabin and be just flying, while yelling" Watch out people"

Again we went to the cabin at the end of July. Just look at how high the water is?? normally we have a nice beach area, nope nothing. My grandparents came as well and my Aunt Susan for a little bit. Jeremy was only able to join us on the weekend. 
Hansencabin_pic4 07-29-2011
Hansencabin_pic3 07-29-2011
a nice family tube ride
Hansencabin_pic2 07-29-2011
my sweet grandma hudson catching herself a fish
Can you tell how excited Nixon was to catch a fish and he really did! i just love that cute little fishing rod.

Now off to the Cooper cabin the first part of August.. I didn't take too many pics but had to snap a few of Nixon. When we are at the cabin Nixon sticks to me like glue and so inevitably more pictures of him and Elias on the other hand is gone always playing with his cousins and can barely look at me to get a picture.
Coopercabin_pic 4 08-04-2011
He seriously looks so tall and is getting so big, what a cute boy.
Nixon 2.5yrs
Coopercabin_pic 3 08-04-2011
Coopercabin_pic 2 08-04-2011
Again check out all the water, those aren't bushes they are big trees. Elias and his cousins played in the paddle boats all day.
Nixon and Holli playing in the sand. 


Debbie said...

Great update! Your boys are looking so cute and grown up! That close up one of Nixon is awesome! What a little stud. Good luck with number three!

Angie said...

Isn't Echo insane! I can't get over how high the water is! Hopefully next year it'll go down some! Good luck with that little baby, it totally sucks to go overdue!