Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cash's photoshoot

So I decided I better post some newborn photos of my precious Cash. I posted some on facebook a while back so they might be old news to some. Cash was only a week old here, and so small. My boys did so good, trying to get a picture with the three of them was a challenge but they were such big boys and Very patient with me, I was doing it all by myself so that was a challenge too, trying to get them all to sit and take the pictures.. anyhow I am so happy how many turned out good. I edited these ones with in the first week after taking them and then lost motivation to do the rest, maybe soon, if I ever find the time.  Anyways things are good around here, I love having a baby around again, I forgot how much I missed that.. soon to come- Updates on Elias, Nixon and our growing little Cash.
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic4 08-29-2011
Color or BW, love them both. 
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic4BW 08-29-2011
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic3 08-29-2011
My beautiful blue-eyed boys, Elias and Nixon look so old now sitting next to Cash. 
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic6BW 08-29-2011
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic1 08-29-2011
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic7 08-29-2011
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic5 08-29-2011
Cash'snewbornphotoshoot pic8 08-29-2011

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missLaura said...

Elias is Jeremy's twin, seriously! It's crazy how much he looks like his dad. Great pictures Rachelle, love that little baby!