Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Updates Elias & Nixon

I've been so behind on everything lately, I guess that's what happens when you have your 3rd baby and so here is an update for my big boys. Elias started Kindergarten, and so far its been great! Elias has been such a BIG help to me, truly he is such a sweet boy and for the most part plays nicely with Nixon and helps mom with Cash. He does like to tease Nixon a lot as well, but I need to constantly remind myself that yes he is only 4, even though he tells everyone that he is 5 and has for the past couple months. Since he is one of the youngest in his class, (doesn't turn 5 until November) and most of the kids are 5 he thinks he is as well. He sure looks like he is 5 or 6 even. But as much as he wants to be older, and as much as I love having him go to Kindergarten 2 full days a week, it was hard letting him go, unlike him I am not in a hurry for him to be older. Kindergarten so far has been great for him and for me. He loves school and mostly just loves hanging out with his little friends, he barely wants to come home after a long day at school and is always asking to play with a friend. He loves learning as well, even though he doesn't have much to say about it, he enjoys it. It works out good for me too, since I don't get much sleep around here, its nice to be able to have a nap or run to Lethbridge with only 2 kids. What else is new with Elias, well he started skating again this year, he is getting much better and he can now skate across the rink, but he's still a little slow. He also started "Small Ball" here in Barnwell and loves it. what little boy doesn't like basketball? He loves playing with his legos, action figures, army stuff, castles and can play for hours by himself. He doesn't like Nixon in his room when he is playing and always has the door shut. Nixon can get very upset, but despite that they do play good together, the wrestling can sometimes get out of hand too, but for the most part there good little buddies.
E-1stdaykinder pic1 08-31-2011
1st Day of Kindergarten
E-1stdaykinder pic3 08-31-2011
E-1stdaykinder pic2 08-31-2011
off to school..(this is taken from my front yard, the perks of living across from the school). 
E-Terryfoxrun pic2 09-29-2011
Terry Fox Run, he was pretty excited about running in another so-called race.
E-Terryfoxrun pic1 09-29-2011
Elias and his buddy Benson, matching shirts are cool.
E&C 10-02-11
Such a good big brother with Cash.
Nixon is our little clumsy guy.. he is always getting hurt, whether its from being too brave and jumping off of something or from just falling down. Seriously he trips and falls into things all the time, he constantly has bruises. He's already burned his hand and foot and gotten stitches on his chin from slipping at the pool. So last week we were at Costco and I had him buckled in the seat, but then I had to move him because I had no room for groceries because the carseat was taking up the whole cart, plus really once you get more than one kid it gets hard grocery shopping and someone has to sit in the cart. anyways, so I moved him to the inside of the cart and he is usually really good at sitting down, but just went he stood up I jerked the cart to get something I saw at the last minute and out he went right on top of his head on the concrete floor, the noise from his head hitting the ground was so loud, I thought when I went to pick him up he would be gushing blood or unconscious. I was really scared, and his head instantly had a HUGE goose egg and his eye was swollen. There were lots of people that stopped to ask for help and one guy went to get the first aid person. I was feeling soooooo guilty, just then Jeremy came back from the bathroom with Elias and was wondering what was with all the commotion .. the first aid guy checked him out and told us to take him to emergency, so we took him but there was a 3 or 4 hour wait, so we left and monitored him. I was worried he was going to be retarded or something, but an hour after being home he was jumping off the couches and running around. I am really mad I didn't get a picture of him, the few days after he fell he looked horrible. A HUGE goose egg and swollen bruise on his head and a really black and swollen eye. I guess I was feeling so bad about it that I didn't want a picture, but then a lot of people were telling me how their kids have fallen out of shopping carts and then I wasn't feeling quite as bad, really is it that common, this was a first for me. 
Hopefully he will start to slow down, but with Jeremy as his father who knows, at least he hasn't knocked out his teeth like his Dad did twice before he was five.
Here are just a few pics of him in the last year, burned his foot and hand on separate occasions.
Nixon burns hand_09-03-11Nixon burns foot_07-04-2011

Besides all that Nixon is growing like a weed, he is not so little anymore, its funny how little you think they look until you have a new baby. He is becoming such a big boy and soon we will jump on the potty training wagon. He loves his baby Cash a lot and tries to snuggle him and loves giving him his soother. He climbs out of his crib and comes and wakes us up bright and early every morning. He's really into the colour pink, its his new thing - cups, plates whatever. He loves going on little errands trips with Daddy, that ones of his favourite things. He especially loves playing hockey and throwing anything, it seems like someone is always getting hit by something from Nixon and he LOVES jumping off anything and wrestling with Elias. They are constantly jumping and rolling, and giggling, and punching and kicking and having a grand old time until someone get hurts..thats my life with Boys! Watch out Cash :)
N&C 09-28-11copy
Nixon and Daddy just before heading to church, love this.


Debbie said...

Great update! Don't feel bad, just last week Elias did the same thing and fell out of the cart on his head in Walmart. He screamed a bloodcurdling scream for 15 minutes straight but he is fine. . The joys of boys!

Karen said...

Okay, soo funny! Hilarious, even though I know I shouldn't be laughing. I just picture him flipping out of the cart. Briggs is always hurting himself too, he's burned his hand on the frying pan, gets a fat lip about once a week. It was so good to see you the other day!

krystyn said...

awww, love this post and miss you guys! I always forget that elias is 4 still too, he looks so big and cute at kindergarten. and poor you at costco, i took all 3 kids there awhile ago, and vowed never again. the stuipid carseat take up All the room. poor nixon, don't worry i wont call child services. also, i love love love, that last pic of jer and nixon, what would we do without the joy and bonding the iphone brings...haha!