Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well its that time of year again and we love halloween at our place. We try to make occasions like halloween special and we love decorating and getting our yard ready for fall and halloween and we love to dress up too! Elias wanted to be a Ninja yet again for the second year in a row but this time so did Nixon so they got matching ninja costumes and if you can't tell by the pictures they were really excited. I told Jeremy he should dress up too and so he found a cheap sweet costume to go with the boys and it was a hit, the boys especially Elias was so excited!! I can just see the pictures of my 3 ninjas in a wedding slideshow..haha. They had so much fun posing for all the pictures and had a blast trick or treating, and they got loads of treats. My little Cash didn't dress up, just a cute halloween shirt from his Aunt Ashley and he got to hang out with mom while I handed out candy to at least 100 kids. We also did the traditional carving pumpkins and Jeremy took the boys out to help him rake all the leaves and they had a lot of fun jumping in the huge pile.
Halloween_Cash pic2 10-31-11
My sweet Cash, I can't believe he is 2 months old. and we might need to retire his little
Halloween_Cash 10-31-11
Halloween_3 ninjas pic4 10-31-11
My 3 ninjas, I love Elias' poses, he is so into it, haha!
Halloween_3 ninjas pic2 10-31-11
Halloween ninjas 10-31-11
Halloween_3 ninjas pic5 10-31-11
Halloween_Elias 10-31-11
My boys, Elias almost 5yrs and Nixon 2.5yrs.
Halloween_Nixon 10-31-11 copy
Halloween Elias pic2 10-31-11
Halloween Nixon pic2 _10-31-11
Halloween_candy 10-31-11
Look at all that candy, and whats with all the chips?? seriously is that the new trend.
Fall time_10-29-11
having fun in the leaves...
Fall time_pic2 10-29-11


krystyn said...

you already know how much i love the ninja theme! dick will probably rock it agian next year, so we'll see:) nice work on the halloween decs, you guys are so hard core, love it! and i love that the toque is still going strong for little cash!

missLaura said...

your costumes were wicked! Jost and Owen would be so jealous. Looks like fun!

Karen said...

So cute!!! I love the costumes, Ben was asking where all of our Halloween decorations were, so I think next year I need to decorate some more! I love your huge yard!!

Sharon said...

best ninja group ever! love it!