Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Were ALL about CASH!

Cash is over 2 months now, not quite 10 weeks and I can't believe how fast he is changing. He is growing so much, most of his 0-3 month clothes are snug now and it makes me sad. His last doctor appt he was in the 95% for both height and weight, just like my other boys, we sure now how to grow them! He is also smiling SO much all the time and sleeping pretty good at night, usually I am up once. He is such a good baby, I seriously LOVE having a baby in the house again, someone to cuddle and hold and another little person to love unconditionally. I forgot how amazingly good it felt and how I am defiantly not done having kids, if anything having another baby has made me realize how fast time flies and how much they grow. It's weird most people have their third baby and think man this is so busy and kinda crazy, and even though I feel that way, I think Heavenly Father has planted a strong feeling in me that I will have two more kids, I always knew I would have four, but it just feels right to want two more.. I know, I know, I just had a baby slow down, we will see though, maybe after the forth I will rethink this.. haha.
Here are some pics over the last few months of Cash, I can't believe how much he's changed.
Cash at 10 days old
Cash at 2 weeks
Cash&M& Nana_09-24-11
almost 1 month
Cash 1 month old
C&Daddy 09-30-11
Cash at 5 weeks
Cash at 5 weeks
Cash at 6 weeks
Cash at 7 weeks
Cash bathtime pic2 10-24-11
Bathtime, Almost 2 months
Cash bathtime 10-24-11
Oh and a cute story I wanted to remember, my niece Addie (4yr) was asking her older sister Emily (9yr) what Aunt Rachelle and Uncle Jeremy's new baby was called... Emily thought for a moment and than said"Change". Her dad laughed and said "No, his name is Cash". "Oh, Emily said I knew it had something to do with money". haha I thought that was really cute.
Cash's Babyblessing_10-16-11
It was also Cash's baby blessing a few weeks ago. He was about 7 weeks old. Jeremy gave such an amazing blessing, and we had all the Coopers and Hansens at the church for a little gathering. We are just so truly blessed to have most of our family live so close and were able to come. 
I had a few pics taken with Cash outside the church, since I had no pictures with him and his momma.
Cash's baby blessing pic1 10-16-11
Cash's babyblessing pic2 10-16-11
Cash's babyblessing pic3BW 10-16-11
And this was his birth announcement..
Cash's Birth annoucement-1
We love you sweet Cash, your sweet smiling face makes us oh so happy!


Jenna said...

Such a sweet boy! Sounds like a good baby! Love the pictures, as always.

missLaura said...

Such a sweet baby! And, you amazing Rachelle- it's SO not fair! He is so cute! I loved your birth announcement.

Sharon said...

what a cutie! it isn't even right how gorgeous you are, rachelle!