Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We are now the proud owners of a home. Yes, a home. My grandma's house that we have been renting for the last 1.5 years to be exact.
The old, but cozy 3 bedroom bungalow style house, with lovely pink carpets, floral wallpaper border, white lace curtains, accordian style laundry door, country style light fixtures, and handicap handles in the bathrooms, actually surprisingly we use these quite often, especially when I was hugely prego trying to get out of the tub, haha and much more, aren't you jealous?? - you should be!
The house that is right across from the school, and right behind the church (I know I mention this often but it seriously has to be said again and possibly again if needed.)
The house that has the best little cul-de-sac filled with little boys, riding bikes, playing b-ball and street hockey.
The house that lives just down the street from Nana and Papa and cousins.
And yes the house that needs a lot of love..and really the house that will be our home, the house that we will fix up and live in for 3 years or so or maybe longer you never know. 

When we first started ripping the wallpaper off I thought what have I gotten myself into...especially after just having a baby, it was taking forever.. maybe we should have just bought a NEW house, but as much as I want a brand new house, (really BAD) its just not the right time for us. this feels right.

We have already ripped all the wallpaper off in the two living rooms and in the kitchen, my boys have been great helpers too. And of course my mom has been there to help A LOT, its bad enough taking off wallpaper, but with three little kids it takes a lot more time. Jeremy took out the old over-grown horse-shoe pits out back and my Dad and brother Chad already drywalled two of the walls that needed it, so now I am trying to decide on paint colours, flooring and carpet. If I could only make a decision, this week for sure. I want the walls painted and the floors done before christmas.. so I better decide. It will be slow work in progress since we can't afford to do it all at once, but soon it will start to come together.

and hopefully, just hopefully I will get my dishwasher after all.  :)
a kinda of half picture of the house.
summer 2010_7055 copy


missLaura said...

so exciting Rachelle. A BIG congrats to you guys! Renos are fun but not so fun, especially with kids but it will be worth it!

Sharon said...

congratulations!!!! good luck with the renos.