Monday, February 13, 2012

Jedi Elias

Sooo a few months behind, but at the end of November we celebrated Elias' 5th birthday party. He wanted a Star Wars party and it was seriously sweet! We decided that we were going to do a boys only party and just invite the kids from his school class. It gets hard though trying to decide what to do and who or not to invite. I always tell myself it's not a big deal but than a week before there birthdays I feel like I want to make it special since its only 1 day of the year. So last minute I had my mom help me whip up some Jedi robes and ties for all the little boys, they turned out pretty cute I thought, could have been longer but we ran out of fabric, anyhow the boys all loved them! I had light saber swords for all of them and we had a sweet obstacle course set up at the school gym. Jeremy and my brother Chad made a course and the boys were in heaven! First Jer did Jedi Training with them, showing them all some sweet Jedi moves then it was onto the course once they got through the course they fought Jeremy at the end to prepare to fight Darth Vader. So after playing on the course for awhile my brother dressed up as Darth Vader at the end and they all got to fight him individually, man were they pumped!!! Then they all teamed up and fought him to the death, they loved every minute. Then we had a Darth Vader piƱata,  once they all had turns and broke it open they collected their treats for their treat bags, we then headed back to our house for hotdogs, veggies and "Yoda Soda" ,(I forgot to take a picture) but it was green and frothy and the boys all loved it, they kept on asking for more "Yoda Soda" even Elias asks me to make it quite often.
Elias'5th bday_pic1 11-19-11
Jedi Training
Elias'5th bday_pic3 11-19-11
Jedi Obstacle Course
Elias'5th bday_pic6 11-19-11
Elias'5th bday_pic5 11-19-11
Elias'5th bday_pic4 11-19-11
Jedi Fighter Training
Elias'5th bday_pic7 11-19-11
Introducing Darth Vader
Elias'5th bday_pic13 11-19-11
This was so fun to watch them all attack Darth Vader, they had a blast and didn't hold back anything!
Elias'5th bday_pic8 11-19-11
Elias'5th bday_pic9 11-19-11
Onto the cake..
Elias'5th bday_pic10 11-19-11
I did ice-cream cake this year, so much easier and Elias loved it!
Elias'5th bday_pic11 11-19-11
Elias'5th bday_pic12 11-19-11
This is such a classic mother son photo, haha so typical of Elias. 
Happy 5th Birthday buddy! You are such a sweet happy boy and I love you so much! 


Karen said...

looks like the sweetest party ever! i love the gym idea, and all the kids with their swords!

Sharon said...

AWESOME party! Love the jedi robes. Happy birthday Elias!

stone's eye view said...

Great party ideas! And you look fantastic.