Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the last of 2011

Christmas Card 2011
Before I continue on into 2012 I just had to post a few pics from Christmas, really it's so long ago already, but it had to be posted. Here is our sweet Christmas card this year, I was lazy this year and didn't send that many out, plus I didn't care too much either since it was kinda ghetto. But I had to post for Jer's stache alone on our card is worth it, he refused to shave it off so here it is and actually its already fun looking back on it. This will be one of those Christmas cards for years to come that we will love, due to the sweet stache. So it had to be posted and had to be included in my blog book. Also these of the boys too, I will be forever grateful to Mike Kurtz for making a special Santa stop to our house. We missed Santa coming to the Library in Barnwell by mere minutes, because of missed communication between me and Jer and to say the boys were sad was an understatement, so we ended up having to take them to the mall after all. But when Mike Kurtz heard that we barely missed him he called me and said he would make a special stop at our house for the boys. I cannot tell you how excited their faces were as they saw Santa walk past our window and up our sidewalk. I mean what kids get a visit to their HOME from Santa? It was so special! I actually think they were more happy about the treat bags he brought than anything, ha.
Christmas 2011_1891_2
Our home visit from Santa!
Christmas on Santa's lap 2011
Park Place Mall Santa, love this Santa. This is actually the same Santa when Jeremy proposed at the mall to me almost 8 years ago. He remembered us and said, "oh I guess you've been busy!" Christmas 2011_1915_3
And had to include one of the boys on Christmas morning, Cash's 1st Christmas!

So done! Onto the New Year and to note, New Years Resolution: be on top of blog!


CGibb said...

All I can say is it's a good thing I don't have any daughters because they would definitely be getting their hearts broken by your boys! They are so STINKIN' cute! Looks like you had a fun Christmas!

missLaura said...

Owen carried your Christmas card around until it was all worn out. He would periodically say, "so this is Elias" to me or Jost and sometimes to himself.
We loved it to death (literally) even if you thought it was ghetto.