Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing catch up: Easter

Of course I am behind what else is new. Things have been busy around here, were finishing up some renos, speaking up renos I still need to do a before and after of what we have done so far in this house. Besides that we have been busy trying to get our lawn in order and over the past 3 weeks chicken pox has plagued our house, first Elias and then the 2 boys, Yikes! More to come on that. I still have updates from some of our trips over the past few months coming soon but for now I will post some pics from Easter. This year I tried to focus on the Savior more and less on the treats, but of course we still had treats. We also met up with The Cooper family in Cardston for a picnic, easter egg hunt and rolled eggs down the hill, all in all lots of fun.

Easter Morning, loot from the Easter Bunny.
off to find more eggs..
Easter4_2435_2 copy
Enjoying there eggs with cousins Holli and Tessa
Cash just chilling in his stroller, it was a little chilly outside.
And to finish off everyone threw eggs down the big hill, the seagulls were going crazy! 
The boys loved this, but it only took about 2 min for 16 eggs to be gone.

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Stefan Hall @ said...

I can relate to your blog. I had a Chicken Pox for weeks and I am really bored staying at home.