Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicken Pox and Mother's Day

Yup! The Cooper boys were plagued with the Chicken Pox. First Elias got them and it wasn't too bad, he was a bit itchy but was a trooper and didn't complain too much. For a week we dealt with that and then two weeks later both Nixon and then Cash got them and that was NOT fun. Nixon was pretty good too there were only a few days where he got a fever and was really itchy, but he wasn't too bad either. Then my sweet baby boy got them and he had more than double what the other boys had. There were about three nights where I had NO sleep and was up with him, it was miserable. I felt soooo bad, they were so red and big and his poor little back was covered. He had a lot of oatmeal baths and lots of aveeno relief lotion but he was still very sad. Well, to say it was a long three weeks was an understatement, I didn't leave the house, Elias wasn't at school for over a week and we missed church three times. But now it's over and done with and I am happy they won't get it again
Cash having yet another oatmeal bath to soothe all his chicken pox, poor baby.
Chicken pox pic2 05-08-12Chicken pox pic6 05-08-12
Chicken pox pic3 05-08-12
Nixon sick and covered in calamine lotion. love this picture.
Chicken pox pic5 05-08-12
Chicken pox pic4 05-08-12
Elias doing silly faces, the boys laughed and laughed over that one.
Chicken pox pic1 05-08-12
Typical of the weeks we had, enjoying Baby Einstein.
Chicken pox pic7 05-08-12
My sweet Cash getting over the worst of it.
Then it was mother's day and I had the best time. That week I went to Elias' Kindergarten class for a special mother's day program. It was so cute.
mother's day 2012 pic 3
Me and my sweet boy at his Mother's Day program.
All the kids wrote a little something about their mom it was hilarious! Elias' is #12 and I laughed and laughed about him describing me, especially on how to get to the cabin, so cute!

mother's day 2012-Elias writing
All the kids drew pictures of their mom's and we had to try and guess which one was our child's. I was sooo off, can you tell why? I am pretty sure this looks nothing like me, at least I am glad I am not fat or I really would have been embarrassed. I think he was trying to emphasize how much I like the colour purple.. haha isn't it the cutest thing, look how huge I am?? He said he was drawing a picture of me cooking in our trailer. I love it and had to make sure I copied it.
mother's day 2012-Elias drawing
mother's day 2012 pic 4
Jer also made mother's day very special by making my favorite breakfast and gave me a sweet fondue set, it kinda looks like a Scentsy. It's sweet and we had fun with it for breakfast. The boys also picked out beautiful roses for me. All in all I felt pretty special and loved.
mother's day 2012 pic 5
mother's day 2012 pic 1
Both Nixon and Cash still had chicken pox, so just me and Elias went to church on Mother's day and we got a cute picture together. We also headed out to Raymond to see Jeremy's mom as well.
mother's day 2012 pic 2


CGibb said...

Oh my goodness. The pictures of Cash with his chicken pox make me want to cry! Sounds like you were all pretty miserable for a while there. But, at least it's over now and you can enjoy your summer!

Debbie said...

Poor boys! And mom! Sick kids is noo fun. So funny what Elias wrote about you! The other ones are pretty funny too.

Karen said...

i am laughing out loud at what elias wrote about you and the picture!!!! soo funny! kids are hilarious. chicken pox: no fun!!!!! you are a trooper

stone's eye view said...

Those K comments are awesome! And the picture.

Now I know how to get to your cabin, maybe I'll just show up one day....