Sunday, November 18, 2012

Major Update Instagram Style

Okay so I know its been FORVER and no one wants to see pictures of my summer since it was a so long ago, but know this is for Me and my family and eventually be going in our blog book. I had Major technical issues with photoshop (which I still don't have yet) and our computer over the summer. We finally got our computer repaired and up and running again.. so because of all that I was barely taking pictures and was barely on the computer blogging.. but I didn't want to forget all thats happened in our family so I decided since over the summer I became a big fan of Instagram that I would use my Instagram photos in collages to remember our summer. 

JUNE a month in photos via Instagram

June: Sprinkler with cousins/ Mommy and Elias date night/ Motorcycle ride with Dad/ Elias in T-ball/ Cash's 1st haircut/ Cash learning to walk/ Father's Day gifts/ Cash's Ultrasound for heart murmur/ Nixon rainy day/ Elias Graduates from Kindergarten/ Park in ninja costumes/ Off to the Cabin/ Movie and Sleepover Night

JULY a month in photos via Instagram

July: Morning Jog with boys/ Cash Raymond Pool/ Nixon Learns to ride a 2 wheeler/ Canada Day/
Fairmont with Brad and Karen-Water Park, Hoodoos/ Waterton Trip/ Slip & Slide/ Elias'1st attempt Wakeboarding/ Staford Lake/ Cash walking everywhere/ Renae visiting (barnwell days)/ Cash & Dax/ Hansen Cabin

AUGUST a month in photos via Instagram

August: Cooper Cabin: Elias 1st time Skiing/ Nixon on tramline/ Superheros/ Waterbouncer/ Magrath outdoor water slide/ Spartan Race/ Gargantuan Caves/ Coaldale spray park/ NewTrampoline/ Camping- boys fishing, Waterton & Geocaching/ Nixon peeing on side of road/ Cash forward facing Yea!/ Elias loses 1st tooth

Also in August it was my sweet baby boy Cash's 1st birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Cash

I made a cute monkey cake, because really that's what Cash is and that's what we call him!!
I think he liked the cake, he was even eating the plate. haha
We celebrated with both of our families. We had dinner and cake and icecream. It was a beautiful day and such a nice time with everyone. I love this sweet crazy boy so much!! I can't believe your one already Cash, you just didn't stay little long enough. Cash was crawling at 5 1/2 months and took first steps at 9 months.. and he has not looked back! We can barely keep up with how busy he is, making messes everywhere he goes and trying to keep up with his brothers. We love you so much Cash!!!

Now on to more updates to come.. man that was a lot!

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