Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a fun Easter weekend with the kids. Went to the petting zoo and saw the "spring" baby animals, Elias had alot of fun petting and holding them.  Then Sunday morning we woke up to see that the Easter bunny had stopped by. It was fun this year hiding the eggs and watching Elias run around finding them all. I made a little trail of mini eggs from his bed out into the living room, boy was he excited waking up to that...everytime he picked one up he got more and more excited.
We also got to enjoy watching General Conference. I so look forward to listening to the Prophets speak and as hard as it sometimes was to catch it all, in between kids, it was really great. It talked a lot especially in the last session about families, mothers and teaching our children about Jesus and his example. I am sooo grateful for my Savior and for the knowledge I have of this gospel. I am so grateful for eternal families and that because of his sacrifice for us we can all be together forever. What an amazing blessing.
And to finish off Easter weekend I took the kids to an easter egg hunt. There was ALOT of treats and the kids had soo much fun, playing on the playground, rolling down the big hill and playing with friends.
Overall a fun and spiritually uplifting Easter.
Okay, Elias looks like he's 8yr. 

checking out the loot.

getting ready for the egg hunt

Nixon was in heaven! lovin the park.

getting all that energy out.


Dane and Kwynne said...

Okay 1st of all Elias does not look like he is 8yrs old. Oh there is no 2nd of all, but your kids are sure darn cute hahaha.

krystyn said...

good pics, i love enoch and levi before the egg hunt, they're so hard core. and i love that greta is kissing that little chick, sort of cute and sort of gives me the heebs. anyways, your boys are so sweet, and they look like such good buddies!

Sharon said...

such fun! happy easter!

missLaura said...

I dispute Kwynne, Elias does look so old in that first picture. The egg hunt was awesome. You get the best photos Rachelle, the ones of your kids on the swings- awesome!

stone's eye view said...

Fun pics. You have to send me that one of the easter egg hunt, its a good shot of how excited my kids were.
Elias does look old.

Saige said...

That is so cute! I love those pics of Nixon! What a cutie! Elias is growing up so dang fast... I love the pic of them looking in their baskets...Nixon's face is super cute and kinda funny..miss ya! XOXOXOXO