Friday, April 2, 2010

It's official, now i'm really in trouble

its Nixon, and he's walking now. He took his 1st steps almost 2 weeks ago but had no interest in walking.. until yesterday and now he's doing it all by himself with out any coaxing. I was into enough trouble as it was with him crawling and getting into everything.. but now he's got a lot more height to reach and grab things now.. and now that the weather is warming up, he will be into exploring everything outside.

yes, can't  wait.

Nixon walking from Rachelle Cooper on Vimeo.


saigehansen said...

I'm related to the two sweetest and cutest little boys on the you all and miss you!! XOXOXOXOX

ec said...

could he be any cuter? i love the concentration on his face in that video.

go nixon!

Debster said...

ok. Nixon is definitly in the world's top ten cutest kids. His dimples are adorable!

Ryan,Lish,Champ said...

can i steal him?!

CGibb said...

Nixon is RIDICULOUSLY cute. Seriously, I'm glad I don't have any daughters his age, they would be in trouble. :)