Friday, January 4, 2008

My Favorite Photo!

This is my new favorite photo of Elias.. When i look at this picture i still see my Baby. I love that he is just in a onesie and his

soother. I love when he has his soother, i think its looks so cute and i love when he smiles under his soother, that is my favorite.

I have just started weaning Elias off his soother and last night he went to bed without it and actually didnt cry and it kind of made

me a little sad because that is just one more thing that makes him a big boy now, is him without his soother. So i will look back

at this picture as he grows older everyday now and be able to still see my little baby in this photo.


ec said...

holy cow rachelle. he is so stinkin' old. i think that he has grown up a ton since you left a month ago.

what a cutie.

Rachelle Cooper said...

hey thanks i know he's grown too fast!