Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Elias, A few things to document....

i love his blue eyes in this picture!

A Few Things about Elias at 14.5months:

-He's walking everywhere now.. and getting into everything.. favorite thing is to pull all his books out of the bookcase!

-Loves the toilet.. and he now knows how to lift the seat up .. he threw a book in there the other day,.. what a stinker!

- Starting clapping his hands this week.. its so cute!

-LOVES Balls and LOVES to throw them or anything for that matter..he has a wicked throw!

-Gives hugs now.. well its more like lays his head on your lap or chest.. i love it. Also gives open mouth kisses ( 3 in a row).

-Loves to Dance.. to any music he hears. He headbangs to Guitar Hero.. its funny!

-Elias has 12 teeth and is wearing 24 months clothes. He is off the charts for height and 95% for weight.. what a big boy!

-Words he says: Daddy, Momma, Happy Happy ( always twice) and Yummy, Yummy ( its so cute whenever he sees food)

-Favorite things: Yogurt & Bananas, Having a Tub, His Bunny, Baby Einstein videos, His Bubba(bottle), His momma.

Elias, you are just growing too too fast.. but i just love seeing your personality develop and see you learning and doing new
things. I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

That was cute Rachelle. It is good to write stuff down that he lvoes right now. I hardly ever do it because I feel like it is obvious but then I forget in a few months when its all changed.

The Whidden Family said...

What is it with babies and the toilet, heh?
12 teeth - holy cow! That is tons.
He is such a cutie and I LOVE his blue eyes.