Monday, January 7, 2008


I have been seeing this on a few of my friends blogs and thought it was a fun idea so here goes....

What are your Full Names?
Patricia Rachelle Hansen Cooper ( yes my 1st name really is Patricia)
Jeremy Wallace Cooper

How long have you been Married?
It will be 5 years on March.28, I cant believe its been that long already, but honestly it been Great!

How long did you date?
We dated for 5.5 months, it was short but right.

How old are you both?
Jeremy is 26 and I am 25.

Who eats more?
Thats a tough one.. actually we both eat pretty close to the same. Jeremy loves sweets and I love salty.

Who said I love you First?
Jeremy did...we had only been dating for a month (he doesnt like to admit that). When he said it I felt like i should too, so I said I love you too kinda hestitating and he said you dont have to say it if your're not ready and I said okay I'm not ready, but then i said it for real 2 weeks later!

Who is Taller?
That would be Jeremy, not by much though. He is 6'0 and I am 5'10, but if i wear heals we are just about the same.

Who sings better?
I would have to say me, and so would Jer. Actually Jeremy sings very well.. but is shy and doesnt sing very loud.

Who is smarter?
Definaetly Jeremy.. he figures out thing very easily.. and learns things faster. He uses his mind alot more than me. I am more creative and are a hands on learner.

Who's Temper is worse?
That a tough one.. we are both very laid back and easy going.. I would say I get more annoyed with him faster and Jeremy can get frustrated easier with me. But honestly i think we are both pretty easy going.

Who does the Laundry?
That would be me, the odd time i will ask Jeremy to put in a load or two if i am out and he will. But mostly i like to do it because i know what needs to be hung up, what cant go in the dryer and so on.

Who does the dishes?
Mostly me. Actually Jeremy is very good and helping me if i ask, actually last night he unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, which was very nice.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Jeremy does.. but we both like the left side better. We both always like to sleep closest to the door.

Who pays the bills?
Both of us.. It used to be me and then him and now mostly me. I usually do it online, but he likes to remind me.

Who mows the lawn?
WEll we dont have a lawn and we never have since we have been married. But Jeremy would.. he claims taking out the garbage, cleaning the garage, shoveling the walks and mowing the lawn are his jobs around the house.. and honestly that works for me!

Who cooks?
That would be me, except for the nice Sunday dinners. Jeremy makes the best roast and mashed potatoes ever!!

Who drives when you are together?
Jeremy, he never gets to drive since he alway takes the bus and honestly he likes to be in control of where we are going. He likes to be able to take his so called short cuts or excursions if he wants too. And on long trips he always drives.. i cant last very long at all.

Who is the first to admit they were wrong?
Hmmm.. um I would have to say Me, i dont really care if i am wrong about something.. Jeremy i think does.

Who parents do you see the most?
Both pretty much the same, since when ever we go home to Alberta to visit they only live 40min from eachother. But we both prefer to stay at eachother parents house more.. isnt that how it always is though???

Who proposed?
Umm for sure Jeremy.. it was the funnest night. We went on a double date with another couple. They rented us a limo, which was awesome as i had never been in one before. We then went to eat at The Keg and then Jeremy said he had to pick up something at the mall for his mom ( I was like okay whatever) so they dropped us off while the other couple went to get dessert and then when we were walking through the mall.. Jeremy was like hey lets go get a picture with Santa (it was Dec.18) and I was like no way! Then Santa pointed towards me and said come here.. i was like what is going on. So we went over and santa gave me a gold bell ornament off the tree and Jeremy opened it and got down on one knee.. inside was a ring and he proposed in front of the whole mall.. I said Yes and everyone started clapping.. it was like out of a movie.. i was pretty embarrassed though. We then went back to his place where the other couple were there and they had gotten engaged that night too. It was pretty awesome and i had no idea!!!!

Who has more friends?
Well i dont know probably Jeremy.. he is so friendly with everyone he meets. Plus he is at school all day and i am at home. But we both have lots of friends i would have to say.

Who has more sibilings?
Jeremy.. he has 3 sisters and 2 brothers (even though 1 died). I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

Who wears the pants?
I think we both share them.. but I own the pants!!heheh

This was fun.. I love you Babe.. its been a great 5 years and look forward to more!!!


ec said...

so cute rachelle...i hardly recognized you with your long hair!

Rachelle Cooper said...

Ya.. its been awhile..those pictures were actually from when i was pregnant.. i just cropped them.. there the most recent pics i have of the two of us...

The Whidden Family said...

very cute! I loved the engagement story.