Thursday, January 3, 2008

Road Trip to Utah!

Wow it has been so long since i have been on here, we left for the holidays on the 8th of December so we have been

gone for a long time and I just never got around to writing.

Christmas was great.. i love this time of year or should i say that time of came and went so fast. I was pretty busy

before Christmas with the Ward Party, photography and getting ready to leave for the holidays that it seems like it went by

to fast. It was nice to be able to just hang out with family and not have too many responsibilities like at home.

We were busy too though once we left Saskatoon.. we went to Utah with Brad and Karen Baker on a Road trip to visit family and

do some Christmas shopping. The trip was pretty long.. Elias was sick and so it was even longer.. but we had a good time.

We stayed at a Time Share with the Bakers in Park city and went snowboarding and went shopping at the outlets.

Then we stayed in Salt Lake with Jeremy's parents since they are on there Mission there. They literally lived across the street

from Temple Square and it was awesome to see Temple Square at Christmas.. WOW!! I wish i had some photos, but i was also

not feeling to well and was not in the mood for picture taking. It was so nice to visit with Gary and Shirley and do see all that

they do on their mission, they seem to like it and they showed us all around where they worked. It was pretty neat, they work

in the Translation Department and so they are in charge of all the translaters that come there from all over the world for

Conference and special events, it was pretty awesome to see the Gospel in that light! We also were able to attend the Spoken

Word Christmas Special and it was so Awesome.. wow i mean the music and the whole production was unreal.

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Anonymous said...

Rachelle, I did the same thing tonight. Caught up on the website- too funny!