Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mother of the Year..haha

Okay so some of you have already heard this story, but i wanted to write it down because it was so funny and as mom's i think things like this probably happen more than we realize.

So the other day i was at the zoo with the kids and some friends, i took a bottle for Nixon to feed in case we were there longer than i planned and didnt want to nurse him, i dont give him a bottle too often and when i do i take a little ziploc baggie filled with some formula.. anyways he got hungry and so i made him a bottle.
As i was feeding him i noticed it looked really murky and kinda grainy. But i thought well its been awhile maybe i forgot want it looks like, then my friend Kwynne mentioned my formula looked weird and asked which kind i used. I said i know it does look funny, but i use Similac and i just put it into baggies and take them with me.. it was then that i realized i had already had a ziploc baggie in my purse and i just assumed it was formula.
A light bulb came on and i thought maybe just maybe it could be Rice Cereal.. hahaha. I dont recall putting rice cereal into a baggie to take anywhere, but i guess i must have.. anyways it was then that i realized he had been drinking Rice Cereal all along. I tried to take it away, but Nixon started crying and so he had liquid rice cereal that day instead of formula..

..ya i know.. Mother of the Year award!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is totally funny! The things us moms do! haha!