Monday, September 21, 2009

The Potty Boot Camp..its works!!

OKay so if anyone knows me, they know the troubles i have gone through potty-training Elias :(
Lets just say we attempted pottytraing back in May and after not much success at all.. do to lack of potty training methods and pullups that just confused him more i decided to take a break for the summer since he was refusing to go at all.

Well summer came and went in pullups and all summer i had been prepping Elias that we werent going to be in pullups anymore. I was bound and determined to find another method, i mean there had to be something better than just going blindly into pottytraining.. i mean there had to be. So i researched and found something i thought would work ALOT better.. and boy did it work better, it worked AMAZINGLY!
The program i did is called The Potty Boot Camp by Suzanne Riffel , the website is kinda ghetto, they are remodelling the site but this program works!!! Better than i could have even imagined! The book consists of the most time-tested, best known methods of pottytraining all put into a simple, short, cookbook style book. It is so easy to follow and consists of about 4 days of pottytraining, the 1st day is the big kahuna.. where 90% all the potty-training is done, the author says most children will initiate going to the potty by the end of the 1st day.. i couldnt believe it but by the afternoon of that 1st day, Elias told me he had to go pee. And for the 1-2 months of training before the summer he had never said that to me even once!! So i was beyond excited. And then from day 1 on, he was telling me he had to go potty, dont get me wrong he had some accidents, mostly outside the home (when he would be playing with friends and forget to tell me) but he was telling me!!!  It has now been about 2.5 weeks and he is doing sooo good. It took almost about 1.5 weeks for him to tell me he had to go poo, and is now telling me all the time. He had major problem with going poo and would always run and hide, so it was the best day of my life when we were at the park and he told me he had to go (Karen & Krystyn can atest to that). Its a good thing i had my trusty "on the go potty" by Kalencom (the best invention ever, you can get it at "Cravings" here in saskatoon for $20 and its a potty that folds up and you can carry in your purse!). The author recommends this potty and it has saved many a poopy pants when we are out and about. And also one of the most amazing things is that Elias has never peed during his nap since starting, and has only wet the bed a few times at night, i still put a nighttime pullup on him but he rarely pees in it, unless he has had too much to drink before bed. Amazing eh??

So what else can i say but TRY THIS BOOK, i downloaded it for stinkin $5.00 and then printed it off (but the book would so be worth it to buy). I think the author Suzanne should get an award or something, because for real she is awesome. I was so stressed about this and she even insists on you emailing her  if you have any questions or problems and so I did and she was sooo good at emailing me back and giving me advice and options.
I was sooo desperate and i cant even begin to tell you how amazing it feels when Elias now at only 2.5 weeks into it, rarely has accidents, tells me all the time when he has to go and mostly now goes to the potty all by himself.. Just look at that picture of him, its say it all..

Don't worry i am not naive enough to think he wont have any more accidents, because he has had plenty and probably still will have a few.. but i know that this program works better than anything i tried and i tried alot, i mean ALOT of techniques.

So thats my speel on the potty boot camp, i am all about doing things easier and about reading up on any issues, whether its sleeping problems, discipline, nursing, and yes pottytraining. All i know is that i wished someone would have recommended this to me before i went through all the trouble... so here it is  my feed back, hopefully it will work out as well for you too!

Okay, sweetest pic ever! Can you tell how excited he is with that orange pop!!
The 1st day they get "special drinks" so they will drink lots of fluids and go potty tons, this was 
a pop leftover from Jer's father and son campout and Elias was beyond happy to have it!


krystyn said...

love the pop mustache...classic!

The Jensens said...

I am beyond happy to have this information!!!! THANKYOU!

Francis Family said...

I JUST went and bought it, THANKS! I'll let you know my outcome, maybe say a little prayer for me!! It's been a year, A YEAR! She's been pee trained incredibly awesome with no acccidents, it's the poop one we have MAJOR issues with! oh man, here it goes!...

Angie said...

thanks rachelle we are debating when we should take the plunge with carson, this will help big time. by the way your sleep training book you recommended to me was the best gift i think i ever got after carson was born, that kid is still a great sleeper!

wtspb2007 said...


Hello! Google sends me alerts whenever somebody mentions "potty boot camp" on the web.....and thus I found your post :)

I can't thank you enough for the glowing recommendation!! It is families like yours that have made The Potty Boot Camp so successful -even without any "formal" advertising.

I'd like to send a token of my appreciation - a "I Survived The Potty Boot Camp" T-Shirt for your son. Please send me an email (suzanne@thepottybootcamp) and give me your address and your son's size!

Also, would you mind if I link to your post from my website? It is being re-designed right now (my web designer skipped town and took my entire site with her!!!!!) but should be back up and running in the next week.

Thanks again.
Suzanne Riffel