Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nixon these days..and Can you spot the difference??

Well Nixon is growing so much these days, he will be 7 mths in 1.5 wks and this month he has had so many new things happen:
1st solids, rolling like a maniac all over the place, sitting up on his own, he even cut his first 2 bottom teeth this week and has been keeping me up all night between teething and being sick, poor little guy.

aww makes me sad to see him growing so fast, i almost need another one already....haha got ya!

Honestly i think he will be crawling soon, next month i swear.  He just LOVES his tummyso much, as soon as you put him on his back he just flips right over and cant keep still, he even trys to flip over in his car seat its pretty funny. He has even tried getting his knees up under himself and scoot alittle so i think he will be crawling soon. YIKES.. i am in for it. hopefully not though, knock on wood.. Elias didnt crawl until 10.5mths so i was lucky.. heres to hoping.
Heres some pics of his 1sts over this last month:

i just LOVE this pic, his eyes, his little smirk..

shirtless, the best, loving the little man boobs

man, does he LOVE the jolly jumper

for real, this is how he falls asleep, cuddling his little horse

i thought this pic was so funny.. classic pic of Nixon

loves playing in the tub

sitting up like a big boy.. he's becoming a pro now.

And lastly, Can you spot the difference??

                          Elias at 4mths                                                          Nixon at 6mths  
I sure can! I think for sure the biggest difference is that they both look so different, especially their stature.. just look at how much tightier that sleeper is on Elias and this is a 12mth sleeper from Costco.. we just make our boys big & tall! And also check out that head on Elias, why oh why could i have not had Nixon's head for my 1st baby..oh, just thinking about it..ouch!

But the one very similar thing about the two is how happy and easy going babies they have both been, Elias was always smiling all the time, and well we all know that Nixon never stops. Elias was a better sleeper, and Nixon is more of a mommas boy and a big cuddler.

It was so fun to come across this pic of Elias the other day and realize i had one of Nixon too.


missLaura said...

I love that sleep, it is tight on Elias and roomy on Nixon. too cute.

missLaura said...

sleeper, I meant to say sleeper not just sleep

Karen said...

oh my word, that first picture is probably the cutest one I have ever seen! what a doll! he has such beautiful blue eyes!!!!

Debster said...

Your boys are pretty dang cute. I think they look tons alike! Maybe it's just me. And I just read your potty training post too, it looks like I will have to do that with Owen when the time comes (hopefully sooner rather than later).