Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Again!!!

it was really foggy with all the powder in the air!

So i was getting ready in the bathroom this morning when i started to smell BABY POWDER.. immediately i ran into Elias room only to find him emptying the large bottle of Baby powder all over his room... by the time i had smelt it he had managed to empty the whole thing and was jumping around in as it covered everything..the whole room was foggy from all the baby powder and i wasnt the least bit pleased.
The day before he had been playing in his pop-up play castle with all his toys inside.. and so it was entirely covered in ALOT of baby powder.. 
let's just say i was NOT happy about cleaning all of this up.. it was on everything!!
I was hoping he was out of this stage of getting into things.. but oh no.. it always STILL one thing after the other with him. I guess you could kind of say it was my own fault since i left the cap open.. but i wont say that.


missLaura said...

It's never your fault! Baby powder is a pain to clean, I feel for you!

Karen said...

ohh, good times, good times with the boys!!!!!!! that is pretty funny though. i thought the picture was taken after you have left his toy all winter in the garage or something like that

The Thatchers said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is funny! Poor thing!

The Anderson Family said...

hahha that is so funny! Emma and Mindy's little girl Kyla did that in my kitchen! They were changing there baby's diaper! I feel for ya... totally sucks to clean up. All we can do in moments like that is to laugh and take pictures!

Saige said...

Aww....So cute Auntie Shoo! Miss you guys so much!