Sunday, January 10, 2010

sweet things..

Elias is now a Sunbeam and in Primary. I couldn't have been more nervous about him having to go to Primary and having to sit still for soo long.. as anyone knows Elias is a very active little boy but he is actually doing really well. The first Sunday was a little hard, but he did excellent today, i got to peak in and see him sitting nicely in between all the girls singing songs. It was so so cute, i was a proud momma!

my boys just chilling
side note: 
as loud and active as Elias is, he really is such a sweetheart and says some of the kindest things.. daily he tells me out of the blue "momma, you are beautiful" and is quite a protector of Nixon these days.
Over the Holidays, one night my parents watched the kids for us and so they put Elias in their bed and Nixon was in our room in the playpen.. Later my Dad went to go check on the kids and couldn't find Elias anywhere.. finally he looks in our room where Nixon was sleeping and Elias had gone into our bed.. My Dad said " How come your in here?" and Elias sweetly said " Papa, Nixon needed me".
aww.. that right little buddy, he does.  just wanted to write that down for memory sake.


Angie said...

exact same for carson! Last week in Primary was a gong show but this week he did so good, its weird seeing him in there with all the big kids...

missLaura said...

cute boys Rachelle. I love thinking of Elias in primary, so awesome!

Lindsay Prete said...

The side note was way to cute. I can't believe he is in primary already. Calvi hasn't gone yet because she has been sick so we will see how it goes next week.

saigehansen said...

AWWW! 'Papa, Nixon NEEDED me' SO CUTE! love you sweetheart! Both of you :)