Wednesday, January 27, 2010

why i miss Nursery

I meant to upload this video FOREVER ago.. and while i was trying to organize some videos last night i stumbled upon it. This was from back in November just before he turned 3 and already Elias looks alot younger.
Elias loved Nursery and these were his few favorite songs that he learned. (thanks krystyn)
I love how he talks about Sister Kratz too, she is a senior in our ward and was one of Elias' Nursery leaders, i guess he was reminded of her when he was singing these primary songs.. so so cute!

so just a few little reasons why i miss nursery: much younger, more innocent and even his voice sounds sweeter.. love you little buddy.

Elias singing Primary songs from Rachelle Cooper on Vimeo.


krystyn said...

i'm guessing you mean Nursery, but none the less that is such a cute video! i love his bleach blonde hair, and guess what, Follow the Prophet is one of the Primary presentation songs this year so the sunbeams will Kill it! yes!

Wight At Home said...

so cute! your boys are just too sweet!

Heather said...

Elias is such a cutie, and can sing those songs so good! I love that he's just doing a craft without a shirt on!

missLaura said...

he knew so many words! He is so cute.