Friday, January 29, 2010

a little known fact.. about me

okay so its a fact.. i am defiently known for putting my foot in my mouth, talking too much and often too loud and saying stuff before i really think about it.. thats me for sure. Growing up i was always one those girls in school who got in trouble for talking too much.. surprising right, not (me and kwynne often together) and my family still to this day bug me about how loud i talk and laugh..sorry its a "Hansen" thing, its not my fault.

 So a while back, my friend Karen and I were discussing how we both do this same thing and we recalled many times between the two of us, (Karen's -Are you pregnant?? story is a pretty good one too, haha)...but nothing stands out more than the "New Moon" movie night with all the ladies.. well those of you that were know how verbal i was, I mean who is this girl, does she get out of the house much??
especially when it was like "silence of the lambs" in the theatre and i was talking about how sweet Jacob's abs were.. oh man seriously Rachelle, your married get a life.. i was such an idiot. Don't worry i dont offend my husband usually, sorry babe, well he's kinda used to it by now, he knows i am pretty innocent and don't always mean what i say.
 Back to "New Moon", I remember Jeremy coming home from school the next day saying "Hey Jacob has some sweet abs eh?" Literally I almost died of embarrassment.. like seriously i must have really embarrassed myself if my friends husbands were talking about it?? I mean come on Rachelle, get some control. I think my problem is i really don't fully think about what i am going to say, i just blurt it out, and then step back and play it in my head after, hours later.. and realize okay you sounded like such a moron.

I cannot even recall all the parties, baby showers and games nights (oh those are the worst), where i have come home after and been like why did i say that?? Or why did i have to talk so much about that-Holy way too much information??  Did i like totally offend someone?

Seriously i'm i the only one that does that??

People always say how funny or hilarious i am, but really i think its more them just laughing at me for the weird things i say that they might want to say but dont! And people that don't know me very well, might think i'm a little strange at times, but know that its just Rachelle.
I defiently know how to have a good time and having a good time always means socializing a lot, and that usually gets me putting my foot in my mouth.. so there you have it.

a little known fact about me. (like you didnt already all know that, right?) 

Hopefully you all know that i always mean well- REALLY mean well and sometimes i get having a little too much fun and then my mouth takes over and i'm in trouble.. or so i realize..later.

I was again reminded of this incident the other night -by yes, putting my foot in my mouth..and i'll just leave it at that :)


krystyn said...

oh rachelle, dont worry so much. if it makes you feel anybetter, i never even heard your comments at new moon, and everyone else was thinking the same thing anyways, you just thought it out loud! TEAM sexy! i mean TEAM jacob:)

Francis Family said...

haha that is funny. I overthink about what I say and do, so i'm the opposite! Your friends probably get a good kick out of ya cuz it's so innocent and you have no idea. I think it's funny!

Nichelle said...

hey rachelle...remember when kwynne told me i laughed too much? maybe at your house a looong time ago? well i think i was mainly laughing at you! i love how you are just yourself. i find that very refreshing and well i appreciate your sense of humor so i laugh!
it's ok WE ALL have put your foot in mouth incidents, no matter how careful we are (im one thats careful) i still say things i later regret!

Debster said...

Haha I think your hilarious Rachelle and like that your not scared to talk. Every party needs someone like you to liven it up. And reading about how all the girls went to New Moon makes me want to cry- I miss those girls nights.

Anna said...

We all love the way you are Rachelle! I often wish I was more "fun" like some of you girls....I'm far too boring! I'm going to miss you so much when you leave! Your happy, fun personality has helped my move here become so much easier! Stop worrying, and keep being yourself!

Karen said...

Don't worry Rachelle, I have the SAME problem. I always get home from going out and think, did I really say that out loud? I love you still the same. I have to admit I am still laughing about New Moon.

missLaura said...

playing games with you is my favorite!
I think you are fearless, you just say whatever you want and you are such a sweeheart that nobody gets offended.
Seriously, LOVE that about you.

missLaura said...

and I love that picture of you, so cute!

saigehansen said...

Haha! Auntie Rachelle you are not the only on who does that! I always talk too much and get shushed by people when I'm at a movie and when when we are watching movie in the basement. But you're right. It's a Hansen thing :)

ec said...

ha ha!

everyone else has said it. we love you. just the way you are.

and i totally heard you at new moon. and was totally thinking the same thing.

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

It's what makes you who you are and why people love you!!

Ryan,Lish,Champ said...

That's just part of you that we all love:)